From the Sea From the Land

The beach ~ 0 m above sl

They are crazy, drunk with the sun!

Roberto Rossellini

The cruise ~ 0 m above sl

Sweet the memory is to me of a land beyond the sea, where the waves and mountains meet.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Carlino ~ 10 m above sl

Know’st thou the land where the lemon-trees bloom? It’s there I’d be gone, to be with you.

J.W. Goethe, Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship

The tennis court ~ 15 m above sl

Yes, here we can live the days of our earthly lives to the fullest, quiet like silver clouds in full moon nights.

August von Platen

The terraced vegetable gardens The chef’s pantry

The San Pietro’s vegetable gardens are caressed by the sea breeze and the sweet coastal sun.
All the vegetables used in the kitchen are homegrown here.

The spa ~ 85 m above sl

The tiny staircase climbs up to the sky or gently descends to the sea.

Roberto Murolo’s traditional song Scalinatella

The terraces ~ 88 m above sl

This is the garden we look for after the perfect days of our childhood.

Salvatore Quasimodo

The terraces and gardens A Mediterranean moment

Mediterranean and tropical harmonies, delicate colors and scents,
the most famous view of Positano.
A cocktail on the terrace is a multisensory, time-stopping and heart-melting experience.

Zass ~ 88 m above sl

Greenish dramatic seabeds, caverns and cliffs, sour and sweet at the same time, good for love dizziness.

Dino Buzzati, Restless Nights

Hall ~ 89 m above sl

Nearly always when you find a place as beautiful as Positano, your impulse is to conceal it.

John Steinbeck, Positano, Harper's Bazaar May 1953

The panoramic swimming pool A dream floating in mid-air

The swimming pool has the shape of a semi-circle, an exclusive relaxing spot, suspended between the sea and e the embrace of the Lattari Mountains.

Special Rooms ~ 60-100 above sl

The painter feels delighted inside you.
The ecstatic poet thinks he’s in a fairytale kingdom.

Wilhelm Waiblinger

Deluxe Rooms ~ 60-100 m above sl

That’s what happened to a painter: he would paint a picture, then another and then he’d say: I’m leaving but his heart always said No.

Sergio Bruni’s traditional song ‘Vienetenne a Positano’

Shuttle service La Dolce Vita

Il San Pietro overlooks Positano from its promontory, an eden you will never want to leave.
But you can get to the center of Positano whenever you like, with a private shuttle service, 24/7.

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